GCA - Gas Cartridge Actuator



The Gas Cartridge Actuator (GCA) provides the necessary pressure to fully open all NAFFCO FM200 containers utilizing a fast acting rupture disc assembly. The GCA consists of stainless steel body containing two sets of bridge wires and charge of smokeless powder. Operation of the GCA occurs when electric current is sent through the bridge wires causing the smokeless powder to ignite. This practice, in turn, generates the necessary pressure to open the rupture disc and discharge the agent in the clean agent container.


The GCA is not an explosive device and cannot be used as a detonator. Operating time for the GCA is 10 milliseconds. Operating temperature range for the GCA is +32°F to 130°F (O°C to +54°C).


The GCA is designed to operate all NAFFCO FM200 cylinders with 1" to 2½" valves and also containers with 3" valves with single disc pack. This device is designed to operate by two methods of actuation:


1. Electrical input from interface firing module through an ARM
2. Input from an optional independent manual actuator



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