ARFF FALCON series are the right choice for airport firefighting and rescue; these vehicles are built to meet the requirements of fast intervention in case of emergency exceeding the applicable standard NFPA 414 and ICAO regulations. 

  • Chassis options American or European origin.
  • Cabin is custom built with center, center right or center left steering, tested in accordance with ECE R29.
  • Tank, cabin and body covers made of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP).
  • ICAO specified equipments based on airport category are available at request.
  • Automatic Around the Pump Foam system.
ARFF Vehicles on Custom Built Chassis
Model Drive Approx.
Water Tank
Foam Tank
Fire Pump Capacity
(LPM@10 bar)
Falcon-4 4x4 500 6,500 780 6,000-10,000 24
Falcon-6 6x6 700 12,500 1,500 6,000-10,000 36
Falcon-8 8x8 900 16,000 1,920 6,000-10,000 52

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