CO2 ( Kitemark / LPCB Approved)

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• Carbon dioxide is a gaseous agent, colorless, odorless /
non-toxic and provides rapid knock down of industrial
fire. It is capable of fighting Class B fire effectively.
• Kitemark / LPCB Certified to BS EN3.
• Cylinders compliance to council directive 2014/68/EU
(PED) and is certified by BSI (2797).
• Certified by BSI under marine equipment directive
• Seamless steel body.
• High quality polyester paint.
• Controlled discharge.

• Brass head valve with simple squeeze operations
provided with pressure relieve disc.
• Rechargeable & easy to service.
• Non-conductive agent for electrical use without
risk to operator.
• CO2 gas disappears quickly leaving no residue.
• Swivel horn with no freeze burn, with greater directional
control of CO2 discharge through horn rotation feature.
• 2Kg is available with the 55B Fire rating as efficient as
5Kg unit.

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