Fire Fighting System For Building

Is your building protected from the risk of fire? If you have answered no, NAFFCO provides a fire fighting system for building service that will improve the safety of your building. From fire doors, fire fighting equipment to passive fire protection, NAFFCO will ensure your building is protected from fire.

Our building fire fighting system products

NAFFCO supplies effective fire fighting systems for buildings of all sizes and types. We will customize all fire fighting systems so that they provide your property with the highest level of fire protection. NAFFCO will survey your property and work with you to ensure that our building fire fighting systems meet your requirements.

Fire fighting equipment

NAFFCO supplies fire fighting equipment like hoses, reels cabinets, fire hydrants, valves and risers for buildings that will save lives and reduce the effects of fire in your building. Our certified range of fire extinguishers can be used to tackle all types of fires like wood, paper, chemical and more.

Fire protection systems

Fire protection systems are an investment that has many benefits for your property. At NAFFCO, we supply a huge selection of fire protection systems that will suppress fires quickly.

Fire doors

Fire doors play an important in a successful building fire fighting system. NAFFCO supplies fire doors that will help reduce the spread of fire within your property. We supply the following types of doors:

Extra low voltage solutions

Our extra low voltage solutions have an important part to play in a fire fighting system for buildings. NAFFCO will supply fire detection and notification systems, battery operated detectors, gas detection, voice evacuation system and emergency lighting systems.

Fire pumps and controllers

To fight fires quickly, fire pumps and controllers are one of the most efficient fire fighting systems a building can have. NAFFCO’s fire pumps and controllers will make all the difference in fighting fires.

Passive fire protection

In addition to our active fire protection systems for buildings, we provide passive fire protection for properties which will complement our active fire fighting system. Popular methods include fire retardant paint, fire and smoke curtains and fire walls.


In the past, NAFFCO has improved the safety of many properties with our fire fighting systems. Past projects include:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Kempinski Hotel Cairo
  • Dubai World Central International Airport
  • Doha International Airport
  • Nile Ritz Carlton Hotel
  • Dubai Metro

Why choose NAFFCO

NAFFCO is the largest fire fighting company in the Middle East. With our main headquarters in Dubai, we have the expertise and products to offer all buildings a great fire fighting system. Our company has the following accreditations: Occupational Health & Safety Standard OHSAS 18001; Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and we are ISO 9001 Quality Standard accredited.

As seen in this article, our range of fire fighting systems for buildings is unmatched and comprehensive to ensure that your building is not only protected from fire but trained individuals able to deal quickly with fires.

All services offered by NAFFCO are available on a 24/7 basis. We have an after-sales program which includes servicing, spare parts, and training to ensure consistence in quality and that your building is protected at all times.

Contact us

Don’t let fire threaten your property contact NAFFCO today for the best fire fighting system for buildings today. 

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