Mass Casualty Unit

Construction and Design

The superstructure os made of aluminum profiles 6061 T6, fastened to a strong base structure made of stainless steel tubing.Connectors being used in assembling the profiles are of stainless steel 316L grade. The full superstructure assembly is mounted on auxiliary frame by means of conical rubber bearings.. This frame itself shall be mounted on chassis, in compliance with vehicle manufacturer standards. The full concept of the superstructure design and mounting will reduce the stresses in body works, minimize the dynamic stresses in chassis components and improve the vehicle off road capabilities..

The paneling shall be done by single external skin, using aluminum plates 3mm thick, bonded to structure by heave duty glue..The plates are bended, formed, and integrated in such a way that will ensure maximum durability as well as a compact design.. Roof rails are designed as part of the structure paneling raised to 200mm above roof level. The rails serve also as housing for the external illumination lamps.

Side Storage Lockers

The space behind the cabin shall be designed as storage lockers. There are six (6) storage lockers, three (3) on the R/H side and three (3) on the L/H side of the vehicle. Design of the lockers shall allow max storage capacity and fas removal of any accessories and equipment delivered with the vehicle. The lockers are closed by light alloy roller shutters.

Rear Storage Lockers

At rear of vehicle, storage locker shall be provided with aluminum shutters. Access to the locker is provided by slide-tail type ladder for every deployment of all accessories stored.

Lockers Interior

The interior of the lockers shall be painted in grey matte finish, except the exposed aluminum extrusions which shall be kept in their original anodized silver matte finish, shelves, partitions, tool boards, drawers are provided inside the storage lockers.

95 Person Disaster Support Kit
Spine board75 pcs
Folding stretcher75 pcs
Scoop stretcher8 pcs
Medium industrial lid container15 pcs
Large industrial lid container15 pcs
Oxygen cylinder jumbo 'D' size90 pcs
Emergency kit-CPR kit, Medibag class III20 pcs
Emergency box-CPR kit, explorer6 pcs
Inflatable tent1 pc
Rechargeable spot light20 pcs
Flag pole20 pcs
Hand held microphone1 pc
Helmer50 pcs
Traffic cones14 pcs
Trauma kit12 pcs
Head immobilizer20 pcs

Casualty support kit can be tailor made to customer requirements.

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