Analogue Addressable Control Panels

Mikro is a single loop, analogue addressable control panel, based on the Shield protocols. It targets small to medium installations. The key points of this panel are low cost, ease of use through an intuitive user interface, expandability through networking and programming flexibility all in a robust, high quality construction.

Easy for both installers and users provides an ideal solution for a certified entry level panel easily integrated in future installation expansions.

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  • One Loop Analogue Addressable control panels.
  • 2 Conventional Zones (Maximum 20 detectors per zone).
  • Manual add/remove of loop devices.
  • Up to 15 groups of outputs for simultaneous activation.
  • 2 Supervised Siren Outputs.
  • Siren pattern selection for on board (switched) and loop devices.
  • Storage of up to 2000 log events.
  • System LED indications: Power, Fault, Alarm, Pre-Alarm, Delay Active, Sirens Silenced, On Test.
  • Walk Test installation testing feature.
  • Weekly reminder for system test.
  • Remote software monitoring and programming.

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