TR-B200S-WH / TR-B200S-IV TR-B200S-LF-WH / TR-B200S-LF-IV

Intelligent Sounder Base


The TR-B200S sounder base series is designed for new and existing commercial dwelling unit applications. It offers maximum flexibility in installation, configuration, and operation to meet or exceed UL 268 and UL 464 requirements.


The sounder base “listens in” to the communication between the attached sensor head and the fire alarm control panel (FACP) to adopt the same address as the detector, but as a unique device type on the loop. The FACP can then use that address to command an individual sounder – or a group of sounders – to activate. In addition, the FACP’s will enable custom tone patterns.


The TR-B200S series sounder bases recognize the System Sensor® synchronization protocol. This enables it to be used as a component of the general evacuation signal – along with other System Sensor horns, horn strobes, and chimes – when connected to a FACP output programmed as sounder base power.


The TR-B200S-LF low frequency sounder base is designed to meet the NFPA 72 sleeping space requirement to produce a fundamental frequency of 520 Hz +/- 10% with a square wave or its equivalent. Studies show that a lower frequency, centered around 520 Hz, is the most ideal to awaken sleeping occupants, even those with mild to severe hearing loss.


The TR-B200S series sounder bases can be mounted directly to 4” (10.16 cm) square, 4” (10.16 cm) octagon, 3 1/2” (8.9 cm) octagon, single-gang or double-gang junction boxes.

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• Addressability for maximum configuration flexibility
• Supports Continuous, ANSI Temporal 3, ANSI Temporal 4 and March Time tones
• Custom tone capability with some FACP models
• Ability to synchronize with other System Sensor notification devices
• UL 268 and UL 464 compliant
• Pre-wire mounting plate fits various junction box sizes
• Uses a mechanical locking feature that prevents the removal of the attached sensor head
• No external relays and input modules needed to supervise the Aux power
• 520 Hz +/– 10%square wave tone (TR-B200S-LF)
• UL Listed


Height: 2.0” (5.08 cm) less sensor
Width: 6.875” (17.46 cm)
Shipping Weight: B200S 0.50 lb. (227 gm)
TR-B200S-LF: 0.60 lb. (272 gm)


Operating Temperature: 32°F – 120°F (0°C – 49°C)
Humidity: 10 to 93% non-condensing)


Aux power voltage: 16 to 33 VDC (VFWR)
Aux power standby current TR-B200S: .50mA max. Aux power standby current TR-B200S-LF: .55mA max Aux power alarm current TR-B200S: 35mA max.
Aux power alarm current TR-B200S-LF: 140mA max. SLC operating voltage: 15 to 32 VDC
SLC Standby/Alarm Current: 300 μA max (base only)


Volume Greater than 85 dBA minimum measured in a UL reverberant room at 10 feet, 24 Volts (in continuous tone).


TR-B200S-WH: Sounder Base, White
TR-B200S-IV: Sounder Base, Ivory
TR-B200S-LF-WH: Low Frequency Sounder Base, white TR-B200S-LF-IV: Low Frequency Sounder Base, Ivory


The TR-B200s and TR-B200S-LF are compatible with the following Triga series detectors:
• TR-Photo-W / TR-Photo-IV Photoelectric Smoke Detector
• TR-Photo-T-W / TR-Photo-T-IV Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Thermal
• TR-PTIR-W / TR-PTIR-IV Multicriteria Detector
• TR-FIRE-CO-W / TR-FIRE-CO-IV Multicriteria Detector
• TR-HEAT-W /TR-HEAT-IV Fixed Temperature Thermal Detector
• TR-HEAT-ROR-W / TR-HEAT-ROR-IV Rate-of-Rise Detector with Thermal
• TR-HEAT-HT-W / TR-HEAT-HT-IV Fixed High Temperature Thermal Detector

The TR-B200S and TR-B200S-LF are compatible with the following Triga Series FACPs:
• TR-2100R / TR-2100B
• TR-2100ECSR / TR-2100ECSB
• TR-R2100R / TR-R2100B

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