Addressable Notification Module


The TR-CONTROL is an addressable notification module for use with Triga Series fire alarm control panels (FACPs). The TR-CONTROL gives you the flexibility to add notification circuits wherever they are needed on a Triga FACP signaling line circuit (SLC) loop.


The TR-CONTROL provides supervised monitoring of wiring to load devices that require an external power supply to operate, such as bells, horns, and strobes. It is capable of Class B and Class A supervision.


Upon command from the FACP, the TR-CONTROL will disconnect the supervision and connect the external power supply across the load device. The disconnection of the supervision provides a positive indication to the panel that the control relay actually turned on. The external power supply is always relay isolated from the SLC loop, so that a trouble condition on the power supply will never interfere with the rest of the system.


The TR-CONTROL mounts directly into a 4” square electrical box. The box must have a minimum depth of 2-1/8”. A surface mount electrical box (TR-SMB500) is available from Triga.


The TR-CONTROL is compatible with the following Triga Series FACPs:
• TR-2100R / TR-2100B
• TR-2100ECSR / TR-2100ECSB
• TR-R2100R / TR-R2100B

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• Flexible solution for adding notification circuits where needed
• Support for Class B
(style Y) or Class A
(style Z) wiring
• Panel controlled status LED that flashes green in normal state and is solid red in alarm
• Polling LED visible through the cover plate
• Rotary address switches for fast installation
• SEMS screws for easy wiring
• UL Listed

•FM approved


Dimensions: 4.5″ H x 4″W x 1.25″ D
Shipping Weight: 6.3oz (196g)


Operating Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C) Humidity: 10% to 93% relative humidity


Operating Voltage: 15 to 32VDC
Standby & Alarm Current: 350 mA
End-of-Line Resistance: 47k
SLC Loop Impedance: 40


TR-SMB500: 4” Square Surface Mount Electrical Box
TR-CB500: Module Barrier. Used to separate power limited and non-power limited wiring in a junction box


NFPA 13, NFPA 70, NFPA 72, UL 2572, UL 1711 &
UL 864: Local Protective Signaling Systems
UL Listed

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