Six Zone Interface Module


The TR-ZONE-6 is an addressable zone interface module for use with the Triga Series fire alarm control panels (FACPs). The IDPZONE- 6 provides six zone inputs that allow a Triga FACP to interface and monitor two-wire conventional smoke detectors. This means you can retrofit an existing building and use existing conventional devices.


The inputs on the TR-ZONE-6 share a common FACP signaling line circuit (SLC) input, and the initiating device circuits share a common external power supply. Otherwise, each input on the module operates independently from the others. If needed, you can disable a maximum of two unused inputs on the TR-ZONE-6 board.


It transmits the status of a zone of two-wire detectors to the FACP. Status conditions are reported as normal, open or alarm. The TR-ZONE-6 supervises the zone of detectors and the connection of the external power supply. All two-wire detectors being monitored must be UL compatible with the TR-ZONE-6.


The TR-Zone-6 mounts in the TR-IDP-ACB cabinet. The TR-IDP-ACB has a built-in chassis that will accommodate one or two TR-Zone-6 modules

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• Converts a conventional two-wire loop to an SLC loop
• Six zone inputs
• Fully supervised
• Support for Class B and Class A wiring
• Removable 12 to 18 AWG plug-in terminal blocks
• Individual LED for each relay contact
• Two module mounting in the TR-IDP-ACB cabinet
• Up to two unused modules can be disabled
• Rotary address switches for fast installation
• Mounting hardware included
• UL Listed


Physical: 6.8″ H x 5.8″ W x 1.25″ D
Shipping Weight: 6.3oz (196g)


Operating Voltage: 15 to 32VDC
Standby Current: 2mA
Alarm Current: 40mA max.
(Assumes all six LEDs solid on)
Initiating Device Circuit: Supervised, power-limited
Max. IDC Wiring Resistance: 25W max
External Power Supply
Standby Current: 50mA
Alarm Current: 270mA
End-of-Line Resistance: 3.9k W


Operating Temperature: 32º-120ºF (0ºC – 49ºC)
Humidity: 10 to 93% (non-condensing)


TR-ZONE-6: Six Zone Two-Wire Interface Module


TR-IDP-ACB: Module Cabinet. Cabinet holds two TR-ZONE-6 15.25″ H x 12.5″ W x 3″ D


The TR-ZONE-6 is compatible with the following Triga Series FACPs:
• TR-2100R / ITR-2100B
• TR-2100ECSR / TR-2100ECSB
• TR-R2100R / TR-R2100B

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