Fire Safety

Fire is a destructive force that will take lives if you are not prepared. Improve your fire safety with an expert company such as NAFFCO. We have years of experience in developing bespoke fire safety plans for our customers in all markets and industries. Get in touch today for an unparalleled service.

Fire safety information

With many definitions on the market, it is important to know what is fire safety? Wikipedia defines fire safety as methods that are used to quell the effects of fire. This could involve a use of fire safety products such as fire suppression systems to installing fire extinguishers. It is essential that you keep abreast of fire safety rules as this will enable you to protect human lives and properties from danger.

Bespoke fire safety plan for you

It can be difficult knowing which fire safety products to implement in your property or vehicles, but NAFFCO are here to improve your fire protection. Firstly, we will conduct a fire risk assessment where our team will survey the property or vehicles in question.

During the fire risk assessment, we will assess whether your property is violating any fire regulations and suggest improvements if needed. Fire safety is our specialty at NAFFCO, and we will work you with you to reduce the impact of fire and other hazards. Once the survey has been completed, we will create a solution that is unique to your property and market.

Fire fighting equipment

NAFFCO is the leading provider of fire safety equipment in Dubai and the MENA region. Much of our fire fighting equipment has been inspected and certified by BSI, LPCB, UL, FM, and Global Mark. One of the most priceless investments for any fire fighters is our range of fire extinguishers.  Included within our range is: 

Improve your fire safety with our range of reels & cabinets and hoses & accessories.

Passive fire protection

Passive fire protection is vital in the construction phase of any property development as it helps to minimize the long-term effects of fire on your property’s structure. Included within this range of passive fire protection is fire walls, fire retardant paint and fire/smoke curtains for ultimate protection.

Fire doors

Fire safety levels are improved in any property where there are fire doors. Our doors will create a seal around the room in question which will stop the flow of air to the fire. Many fire doors provided by our company are constructed in line with standards set by NAAM HMMA, SDI, UL and NFPA 80.

We offer the following door types: 

Fire protection systems

Fires that have progressed beyond the first several stages are often the most destructive to human life and properties. NAFFCO’s selection of fire protection systems is unmatched in the fire safety industry in Dubai and the MENA area. These systems include: 

Past fire safety projects

NAFFCO has improved fire safety with tailor-made plans for buildings such as:

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Mall of the Emirates
  • Burj Khalifa
  • King Abdullah Sports Hall and Athletic Stadium

View our projects page for further examples of our fire safety implementations strategies.

Why choose NAFFCO

Our fire protection services are unrivaled in the MENA region and throughout Dubai. With accreditations in Environmental Management System ISO 14001, Occupational Health & Safety Standard OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard, you can be assured NAFFCO has the facilities and knowledge to improve fire safety.

All of our products have been thoroughly tested to ensure they provide the desired protection for our customers. We take fire safety very seriously at NAFFCO, and we even have training courses with modules that include fire safety for kids if necessary.

You may have seen our company is “passion to protect” which perfectly embodied in our dedicated aftercare program. Our team are here for our customers 24/7 and we will endeavor to answer any fire safety information queries that you may have.


Improve your fire safety with NAFFCO, get in touch through our contact page. 

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