Rim Seal Pourer

NAFFCO Rim Seal Foam Pourer consists mainly of Foam Maker, a windshield and an integral deflector. The Rim Seal Foam Pourer is designed to deliver fully aspirated foam directly to the annular seal area of open top floating roof tank. The Rim Seal Foam Pourer is used for one of the most common applications of protecting tank seal in vertical liquid storage tank with internal floating roof with low expansion foam system.

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Model No. Inlet Size Flow Rate (LPM) Material Foam Proportioning
NF-RSP65, NF-RSPSS65 65 NB 550 - 50 Carbon Steel /
Stainless Steel
NF-RSP80, NF-RSPSS80 80 NB 378 - 178
NF-RSP100, NF-RSPSS100 100 NB 556 - 168

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