Blast Rated Swing Door

NAFFCO blast doors are designed to block the advance of air blasts waves through passageways into protected areas in blast-hardened civil defense, military shelters & Petrochemicals areas. Doors are made of structural steel with solid homogeneous steel plates and can open and close manually or motorized. Customized flush design of frames allows for easy installation into reinforced concrete walls, and the door plate/frame assembly is formed from an optimized pattern that transfers any blast force to surrounding walls.

NAFFCO Doors are designed to withstand long duration blast loads having a reflected loading pressure of 1.0PSI to 20Bar especially for commercial, Government, industrial & military applications to protect human life and proprieties from explosions.

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  • High level of protection against explosions, making them an essential safety feature for buildings in high-risk areas.
  • Made of high-strength steel, making them durable and able to withstand the impact of an explosion.
  • The door frames are reinforced with additional steel, which provides additional strength and stability.
  • Equipped with high-security locking systems, including deadbolts, panic bars, and electronic locking mechanisms.
  • The ability to satisfy specific blast resistance standards, ranging from low to medium-level blast ratings.


Blast resistance level

·        Pre-engineered doors
1.0PSI – 4.5PSI

·        Custom Engineer doors
1.0Bar – 20.0 Bar

Reference Standard

·        ASTM F2927, ASTM F2247 1.0PSI – 4.5PSI

·        UFC 4-010-01 2018, ASCE

Door Construction

·       Doors are made of formed heavy gauge steel sheet

·        Constructed around a custom-engineered steel fib core with

·        Interior stiffeners as required to protect against

·        Specified blast levels

Door Hardware’s

·        Custom designed 3D hinges

·        Single or Multipoint heavy-duty locking systems (Sure locks)

·        Door operator – (Motorized/hydraulic pneumatic)

·        Sliding operators

·        Access control

Performance combinations

·        Blast & Ballistic resistance

·        Integrity rating

·        Thermal resistance

·        Acoustic rating


·        Powder coated

·        Primer with Epoxy top coat



  • Sliding or swing types Blast doors
  • Auto door operator for heavy doors
  • Remote operation
  • Custom door sizes.


  • Industrial plants
  • Military facilities
  • Government buildings

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