Glazed Curtain Walls

This system for thermally insulated curtain walls is based on a mullion/transom construction. Very narrow facing widths from 45 mm permit a wide range of applications such as fire protection and burglary resistance. Production and assembly are now even more efficient. Clever processing tools save your time and enhance workpiece accuracy with pre-marked weather-stripping. The system has been comprehensively tested to both the European and North American Standards for fire resistance. Certified for fire EI (Integrity and Insulation) classification up to 120 minutes of fire resistance, and for EW (Integrity & Radiation Control) and E (Integrity) fire classifications.


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  • Fire protection
  • smoke protection
  • burglary-resistance
  • bullet resistance
  • thermal break
  • explosion inhibition
  • minimal face widths
  • without thermal break
  • Great acoustic performance
  • Interior & exterior use
  • Multiple finishes.
  • Largest glass area tested and certified







Material options

Black box steel (mild steel) profiles



Galvanized steel profiles



Available profile widths: 45mm and 60mm



Stainless steel grade 304 is available for some sections (brush finish grain 220-240)



Aluminum and stainless steel capping with stainless steel pressure plates



Fire resistant options

Fixed partitions

EW30 to EW120
EI30 to EI90

EN 1364-1


EW30 to EW120 and EI60

EN 1634-1

Fixed partitions

1 and 2 hours
temperature rise restricted (T)

UL263/NFPA 251

Fire code compliance

European and North American Standards



NFPA 101 and NFPA 80



GCC Civil Defense Approved through local forster fabricators



Tested design variants*

Tested with single, double, and triple-glazed options



Classification from CE-tests according to EN 13830:



1.      Thermal insulation: U-Values

Up to 1.0 W/(m2 K)


2.      Resistance to wind load

3kN, safety load 4.5 kN

EN 12179

3.      Water Penetration

RE 1200

EN 12155

4.      Air permeability

AE (>600)

EN 12153

5.      Sound insulation

Rw up to 45 dB

EN ISO 140-3

6.      Impact resistance


EN 14019

7.      Burglary resistance

RC 2-3

EN 1627-1630

8.      Ballistic rating

FB4, FB6 and FB7

EN 1522

9.      Blast-resistant facade

EPR1 (S)

EN 13123-1

System Properties

Extremely slender visible section widths
(45mm and 60mm) and depth



Can be powder-coated or wet paint coated
(to be checked with the local applicator)



Large glass panels available for fire-rated systems



Extremely economical manufacturing without special equipment



Robust system, resistant to damage



*Refer to country-specific approvals









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