Clean Agent (Kitemark Approved)

NAFFCO clean agent extinguishers have an effective extinguishing action, environmentally acceptable and excellent alternative for Halon 1211. Clean Agent (HFC-236fa) is a non- corrosive, electrically non-conductive and free of residue. It is ideally suited for protecting high value equipment.

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  • LPCB Approved for different capacity of extinguishers.
  • Cylinders compliance to council directive 2014/68/ EU(PED). Certified by BSI (2797)
  • Safe for People: It is indented for use as a streaming agent providing a gas concentration sufficient to extinguish a It is safe for use in occupied spaces.
  • Safe for Assets: It is electrically non conductive, non corrosive, and free of residue. As a gaseous agent, it targets the flame and extinguishes the fire. Operations can resume quickly, particularly if early detection methods are in use.
  • Safe for the Environment: It does not contain chlorine or bromine, and has zero ozone depletion potential like many fluoride based gases, HFC-236fa has some global warming potential.
  • Clean Agent Hexafluoropropane Gas based Extinguishing Agent capable of fighting class A, B, C and Electrical fires effectively. 
  • Low in toxicity.
  • Standard compliance BSEN3.
  • High Performance Extinguishing Agent.
  • High Quality external Polyester Paint to avoid corrosion
  • Brass Nickel plated head valve with simple squeeze operation.
  • Rechargeable & easy to service.

Model Number





Extinguisher Capacity

4 kg

6 kg

9 kg

12 kg


95% Nitrogen + 5% Helium

Fire Rating

34B C

5A 55B C

8A 70B C

13A 70B C

Working Pressure

15 bar

15 bar

15 bar

15 bar

Maximum Operating Pressure

21 bar @ 60ºC

Test Pressure

30 bar

Total Weight

7.3 kg

10.3 kg

13.8 kg

17.9 kg

Range of Discharge

4 - 5 m

4 - 5 m

4 - 5 m

4 - 5 m

Duration of Discharge

14 - 16 sec

20 - 22 sec

23 - 26 sec

38 - 40 sec

Operating Temperature

-20ºC to 60º C

Cylinder Material

CRCA Steel Sheet

Hose Length with Nozzle

535 mm

625 mm

595 mm

690 mm

Height x Diameter (mm)

425 x 150

527 x 150

530 x 184

620 x 184

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