High Expansion


NAFFCO Water-powered high expansion foam Generators is Blower type shall be fixed type use with pre-mix solution , NAFFCO High Expansion Foam Generator requires no other source of power such as electricity or gasoline engines.

They are powered by the foam solution driving a hydraulic (water) motor or turbine the expansion of foam solution is achieved by spraying the solution onto a nylon net/stainless steel screen, then an air stream created by the fan attached to the motor blows air through the screen to produce a mass of foam bubbles.

The continuous flow of the foam solution plus the movement of air through the screen will produce large volumes of finished foam. When used with NAFFCO 2% High-Expansion Foam Concentrate, these generators are capable of producing finished foam with expansion ratios from 354:1 up to 925:1, depending on the model and operating pressure. Portable systems are having its own proportioning system whereas the fixed systems are to be used with the fixed proportioning system