Common Controllers

The common controller is fabricated from mild steel and epoxy powder coated to red colour. These Control panels include the necessary features for automatic and manual operation along with alarms and indications for several critical conditions. They are tested prior to dispatch from factory to ensure reliable operation.

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  • All the components/accessories are of trusted brands.
  • Less maintenance cost and easily available spares.
  • Standard cable marking for easy maintenance.
  • Automatic or manual (test) operation.
  • Dry run protection
  • DOL/star delta starter - (soft start upon special request)
  • IP54 standard strong and reliable enclosures.
  • Remote alarm signals for various conditions (optional)
  • Indication - Pump run, pump trip, power on, DC healthy and dry run
  • Over crank protection circuit for diesel engine.
  • Different range of controllers depending on the capacity of motors (1.5kW to 315kW)
  • Auto battery charging system
  • Multi cranking (optional)
  • Motor protection relay
  • Voltmeter and ammeter (optional)
  • 12V DC or 24V DC engine system

Model No.


Enclosure - Mounting

NF 01C

1.5 kW to 9 kW with 12 V Diesel Controller

IP 54 - Base Mounted

NF 01A

1.5 kW to 9 kW with 12 V Diesel Controller, Without ELS

IP 54 - Base Mounted

NF 01C-S-D

11 kW to 30 kW with 12 V Diesel Controller

IP 54 - Base/Floor Mounted

NF 103

11 kW to 22 kW with 12 V Diesel Controller

IP 54 - Base/Floor Mounted

NF 108

30 kW to 315 kW with 12/24 V Controller

IP 54 - Floor Mounted


Common Controllers - General Catalogue


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