Crash Tested Hydraulic Rising Road Blockers

Crash tested Road blocker are an effective way to stop dead a vehicle trying to gain access to a restricted area through force and can work with any of existing security solution including automatic gates, automated barriers or bollards as a second line of defense these crash tested blockers are unique solutions in most secure systems, regardless of the tonnage or speed of the attacks.

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  • Designed according to ASTM F2656-07 and PAS68:2010/V7500[N3]/80/90:0.0/6.15.
  • Total Crash tested on vehicle weighting 7.5 ton @ 80km/h .
  • 3-4 cycle raise/lower steps.
  • 3-5 seconds is Typical raise/lower time.
  • 1.5 seconds in case of emergency, raise/lower time.
  • Easily integrated with inductive loop detectors, flashing lights or red/green traffic lights.
  • Typical weight of a road blocker is 2-2.5 tons.
  • Withstand load up to 70 tons of axle loads
  • Normal operating pressure is 75-100 bars
  • hydraulic components are tested at 250 bars
  • Back up manual pump to support the hydraulic drive unit in case of power failure.

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