Direct Driven Axial fans

Smoke extraction in case of fire, 300/400°c for 120 minutes.

  • Smoke extraction
  • Pressurization
  • Industrial ventilation & explosion-proof application

Multiple european laboratories, BSI KITEMARK, APPLUS.

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0.25-75 KW

40,000 LPS


DUCT- M line is characterized by the extreme sturdiness of construction, thanks to the flanges directly bended on the casing, and the thickness of the materials. The variety of versions and models allows the solution of most of the problems of ventilation. Impeller consists of a strong hub, in die-cast aluminum alloy for the fixing of the blades. Available in different materials suitable for heavy duties.


  • Casing in steel sheet protected with epoxy painting. Fixing flanges according to UNI EN ISO 13351/Tab.1 standards.
  • Impeller with high efficiency airfoil blades in plastic material or in die-cast aluminum alloy. Hub in die-cast aluminum alloy. Balancing according to UNI ISO 21940-11. Variable pitch angle in still position.
  • Asynchronous electric motor, protection IP 55, class F insulated, form B3, service S1 construction according to the IEC/EEC (UNEL-MEC) standard.
  • Arrangement 4 (impeller directly coupled to motor shaft).

DUCT- M standard

  • Conveyed air: clean, not abrasive.
  • The temperature of conveyed air: -20°C/+50°C.
  • Voltage: three-phase version (T) 400V-3Ph. Single phase version (M) 230V-1Ph.
  • Frequency: 50Hz.
  • Airflow from the motor to the impeller, position A (FMG).


DUCT-Mm: medium-length casing: motor/impeller assembly almost completely enclosed within the length of the casing.

DUCT-Ml: long casing.

The impeller and motor are completely enclosed within the overall length of the casing.

DUCT-Ms: short casing.

The motor partially protrudes beyond the rear mounting flange.



  • Inlet nozzle (IN).
  • Silencers (SIL-DU).
  • Flat protection grid (FPG-DU) and conic (CPG-DU) (Necessary for use in free air)
  • Inspection door.
  • Flexible connection (FC-DU).
  • Ant vibration mounts (AV).
  • Counter flange (CF-DU).
  • Outer terminal box (OTB).
  • Fixing feet (FF-DU).
  • Service switch (SW).


  • Performances differing from the standard
  • Versions with an impeller within die-cast aluminum blades
  • Versions with true reversible airflow (DUCT-REV).
  • Explosion-proof versions (DUCT ATEX).
  • Multistage system versions (DUCT-CT).
  • Smoke exhaust version (DUCT HT)
  • Versions with casing in stainless steel, aluminum, or hot dip galvanized steel.
  • Versions with airflow from impeller to motor, position B (FGM).



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