Facial Recognition

  • FS-300 facial recognition reader is a compact and contactless face reader that represents an hygienical solution for access control.
  • FS-300 facial recognition reader can recognize a person in less than a second.
  • The internal processing and recognition engine of the FS-300, provides a very high recognition rate with less than 0,5% rate of wrong recognition and less than 0,001% of wrong acceptance. It also recognizes people wearing glasses.
  • FS-300-PRX and EFR-T1A-PRX can work in 1:1 “Biometric on Card” mode.
    This solution allows unlimited faces in the system by storing the biometric data inside the cards instead of being stored inside the reader. It also provides extra privacy security as the biometric information is in the card and the card in possession of the owner.

    The operation of the “Biometric on Card” is as follows:
    • The user checks his card on the reader. The reader extracts the biometric information from the card.
    • The user scans his face on the sensor. The reader compares the extracted information from the card with the scanned face.
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Camera Optical
IR Illumination 15x22 mm
Screen 500 dpi
Verification Time ARM9TM
False Acceptance Rate <1 sec
False Rejection Rate 3000 fingerprints
Operating Light Conditions 0-8000 Lux
1:N Capacity 300 Faces
1:1 Capacity Depend Model
Reading technology Mifare (ISO 14443A)
Frequency 13,56 Mhz
Reading Yes
Writing Yes
Mifare Reading Range 5 cm
Mifare Writing Range 5 cm
Red Led Indicator Yes
Green Led Indicator Yes
Buzzer Yes
Power Supply
12 Vdc
Consumption 1A
Dimensions 82x140x88 mm

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