Fire Warden Training

Course Content

Theory 1

This course will provide participants with the advanced knowledge on fire safety / fire warden. It will give the participants knowledge on the nature and causes of fire, be familiar in using basic firefighting equipment and a full understanding of fire warden and floor coordinator duties and responsibilities. Practical training / drill in this course will enable the company fire warden and floor coordinator to effectively perform their duties during emergency situations like helping occupiers to evacuate the area immediately and safely. Fire is unpredictable and much faster and more dangerous than most people realize. It’s crucial to be aware of good fire safety habits and to make sure your fire safety equipment are in good working order.

  •  Aims of Firefighting
  •  Common Causes of Fire
  •  What To Do in Case of Fire /Emergency
  •  Understand the Tetrahedron of Fire
  •  Classes of Fire
  •  Extinguishing the Fire
  •  Types of Fire Extinguishers
  •  Classification of Fire Risk
  •  Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket Operating Procedure
  •  Understand the Fire Protection Deficiencies

Theory 2

  • Emergency Evacuation and Emergency Response
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Fire Warden/Fire Marshall
  • Fire Situation and Non-Fire situation
  • Evacuation Map
  • Emergency Assembly Point
  • Fire & Smoke Separation


  • Extinguishing the Fire using Electronic FE Simulator.
  • Actual Live Fire Drills
  • Fire Evacuation Drill

Training Method

A variety of training methods will be employed to ensure the learning experience is memorable, including:

  • Instructor-led classroom training
  • Interactive
  • Video demonstration
  • Practical training (actual live fire drills)

Training Duration

5-6 Hours (Theory & Practical)

Course Fee

Refer to Sales Consultant Minimum Number of Participants per Session:

10 participants Certificate

Approved by Dubai Civil Defense – 2 years Certificate Validity

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