Air Release Valve (UL/ FM Approved)

The construction of the NAFFCO Air Release Valve has been designed with stainless steel trim to give years of smooth operation. The Air Release Valve should be mounted at the high points in a piping system to automatically remove pockets of air as they accumulate.

The valve can also be used to slowly release air in pump casings. This valve continuously eliminates air from a system by releasing small quantities of air before huge air pockets can happen.

When continuous accumulations of air in the pipeline occurs (lacking air release valves) this causes the flow capacity to slowly decrease hence power consumption also slowly increases which is unnoticeable at first, until flow drops dramatically, which can even lead to complete stop of the flow due to large quantity of air.

Another problem resulting from excessive air accumulation is un-explained pipeline rupture. These ruptures are passed off as the result of ground settling or defective pipe, where as in reality its large air pockets that greatly increase pressure surges (normally occurring) when flow stops and starts causing the rupture.


The NAFFCO Air Release Valve, as got, is a typically open valve and will gradually vent air through the orifice. As liquid enters the valve, the float will rise, consequently shutting the opening. As air aggregates in the piping system and enters the valve, the float drops enabling the air to be vented out through the opening.

The lever component gives mechanical advantage to the orifice. Amid system operation, the pipeline pressure applies a solid upward drive on the sealing com- ponent, the orifice button.

The lever instrument amplifies the heaviness of the float with the goal that the hole will open under high pipeline pressures. Extra ports are accommodated flushing, testing and draining purposes. This cycle automatically repeats as air accumulates inside the air release valve, thereby preventing the formation of air pockets.

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  • Unconditionally guaranteed stainless steel floats.
  • Stainless steel 316 internal trim.
  • Resilient seating for positive shut-off.
Sizes: ½”, ¾”, 1”
Pressure Rating: 175 psi
Body and Cover Ductile Iron ASTM A536 65-45-12
Float Stainless Steel 316, ASTM A240
Internal Parts Stainless Steel 316, ASTM A240
Orifice Button EPDM
Paint Specification Red Epoxy Painted
Operational Highlights •   Maintains system flow efficiency
•   Releases unwanted air pockets during system operation
•   Protects system against air related surges


Model No. Valve Size Orifice Size Inlet Size NPT Outlet Size NPT Max W.P
NF - 15 ARV ½" ¹/16" ½” ½" 175 psi
NF - 20 ARV ¾" ¹/16” ¾" ½” 175 psi
NF - 25 ARV 1" ¹/16” 1" ½” 175 psi


FM Certificate


UL Certificate


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