Fire Fighting Equipment Signs

A fire equipment sign is a safety sign that provides clear identification and location of fire-fighting equipment in a workplace or public building. This sign is designed with bold lettering & clear graphics to ensure easy recognition and visibility. Fire equipment sign is essential in case of fire emergency as it help people to locate and use the necessary equipment to prevent or extinguish the fire.

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A fire equipment sign can alert individuals to the location of fire equipment, such as fire extinguishers or fire alarms, which can be vital in an emergency situation. This can help prevent injuries and save lives. Having fire equipment readily accessible can help individuals respond quickly to a potential fire, reducing the amount of damage that may occur.


Photoluminescent, Acrylic, PVC


 Photoluminescent Signs Catalogue


 Datasheet - Implaser B 150


 Datasheet - Implaser A 300


 Fire Fighting Equipment 3D


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