Fire Inspector & Instructor

Fire Instructor I (40 Hours)

This course is designed to meet the needs of entry-level fire and emergency service instructors. The course meets or exceeds the job performance requirements in NFPA 1041, Chapter 4. The target audience for this course includes the Department of Defense, Industrial Brigade, Civil Defense or Municipal personnel. The Fire Instructor I course will provide the tools necessary to obtain NFPA or IFSAC certification.

Telecomunicator I & II Training (40) Hours

Public Safety Telecommunicator consists of two courses taken consecutively. Together, they teach the skills needed to acquire, analyze, disseminate, and dispatch information and resources to resolve a request for service. Successful completion of this course will also provide the participant with the skills necessary to meet Public Safety Telecommunicator Professional Qualifications, in accordance with NFPA 1061, (Standard for Professional Qualifications for Public Safety Telecommunicator) I & II Chapter 4 and 5..

Fire Investigator (40 Hours)

The curriculum in this course is designed to enhance the fire investigators ability to detect and determinate the origin and cause of a fire. Specific topics include fire behavior review, investigator ethics, construction, ignition sources, reading fire patterns and scene reconstruction. Special topics are covered on electrical fire investigation, woodland fires,vehicle fires, mobile home fires, RV & boat & ship fires. Additional topics include special emphasis on fire scene documentation and extinguishing / alert systems.

Fire Inspector Series I & II (80 Hours)

Students will develop knowledge and skills to conduct through fire Inspections, make assessments and prepare recommendations to ensure the risk of a fire in a building is minimized. They will use applicable legislation, codes, standards and related data to make assessments and prepare recommendations. This course conforms to the National Fire Protection Association 1031 Standard.

Fire Inspector III (40 Hours)

This Course leads to NFPA or ProBoard certification. This course provides the participant with an in-depth view of the skills and duties required of the Fire Inspector III. The Fire Inspector III is an individual at the third and most advanced level of progression, who has met the job performance requirements specified in NFPA 1031, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plans Examiner, 2003 edition. The Fire Inspector III performs all types of fire inspections, plans review duties, and resolves complex code-related issues.

Fire Instructor Series I, II & III (40 Hours each)

Course that leads to NFPA/Pro Board. This course is intended for the instructor who is ready to assume a leadership role by moving into the upper management level of his/her department. This course consists of subjects designed to give the instructor more knowledge of management and supervision so that he/she can make basic evaluations of employeerelations and assume a more proactive role in their department. If you bring your own laptop computer the required software is Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

*All the courses above require a minimum amount of attendance.

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