Is your property protected from fire? Choose NAFFCO’s fire sprinkler head types for the ultimate protection from fire. Heat responsive sprinklers will play an important role in protecting your property from fire and will contribute to a safer environment. NAFFCO is the leading supplier of fire fighting solutions in Dubai and the MENA region. All sprinklers we provide will be bespoke to your property alone.  

The best range of fire sprinkler heads

At NAFFCO, we provide the best selection of fire sprinkler heads to fit every sprinkler system. Before we supply your property with new fire sprinkler heads, we will conduct a thorough survey and assess your requirements. A sprinkler system is a great investment as it will combat fires from the outset.

Sprinkler systems are essential as they will prevent extensive damage to your property and loss of human life. NAFFCO supplies state-of-the-art sprinkler heads that will evenly distribute the chosen material (water or foam) when activated. Our products are equipped with the latest heat responsive technology for guaranteed results.

Prior to the installation of new fire sprinkler head guards, we strongly advise that your sprinkler systems are drained and depressurized. We install all fire sprinkler heads to NFPA 13 standards which will keep your systems within the manufacturer’s warranty.

The fire sprinkler head flow rate of our products are unrivalled by other manufacturers and will ensure optimal protection for your property. We have supplied many hospitality and leisure buildings such as hotels, leisure parks, restaurants and more with a superb fire sprinkler head replacement service. 

Types of fire sprinkler head types

At NAFFCO, we supply the following fire sprinkler head types:

  • Conventional
  • Upright
  • Pendent
  • Horizontal Sidewall
  • Vertical Sidewall
  • Recessed Pendent
  • Recessed Pendent
  • Concealed Horizontal Sidewall
  • Concealed Pendent

Once the fire sprinkler installation has been completed in your property, we will test all fire sprinklers to ensure they will react in the event of an emergency.

Why choose NAFFCO

NAFFCO is one of the largest fire sprinkler head manufacturers in Dubai and the MENA region. Our company has been awarded the following accreditations: Occupational Health & Safety Standard OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 Quality Standard and the Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

We supply a full selection of fire fighting solutions such as fire fighting equipment, fire vehicles, fire doors and many more for customers in all markets. NAFFCO’s fire fighting solutions will be tailored to your property type and requirements. A majority of our products have been acclaimed by a variety of international fire organizations which is testament to the quality of solutions.

The aftercare program supplied by NAFFCO is unrivalled in the MENA region. Unlike other companies, NAFFCO’s services are available 24/7. We value the safety of our customers and believe in the quality of our fire fighting products. NAFFCO provides spare parts, advice and training as part of our aftercare program.

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