Foam Trailer

NAFCO Foam Trailer is wheeled foam concentrates storage and proportioning device convenient to be pulled by a vehicle to a fire hazard site. These units can deploy foam through a monitor to fight fires of high value assets. It may also be used as a supplementary unit for fixed tank protection.

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Model No. Capacity Flow Rate Range
NF FT 300L 300 Liters 500 GPM @ 7 Bar 40 M
NF FT 500L 500 Liters 500 GPM @ 7 Bar 40 M
NF FT 750L 750 Liters 900 GPM @ 7 Bar 60 M
NF FT 1000L 1000 Liters 900 GPM @ 7 Bar 60 M


  • Foam Tank : Stainless Steel( S.S.316 L)
  • Foam Inductor : 1-6 % Variable
  • Wheels : Rubber (Pneumatic)

Options: Other models as per customer requirements also available.

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