Fuel Tank

NAFFCO certified primary containment tank offers you a reliable solution for your fuel storage requirements related to fire pump diesel engine applications. Design and fabrication of these tanks are done as per UL standard (UL 142), and installation and use shall be in accordance with NFPA 30. Each tank is subjected to thorough structural inspections and leakage test as specified by the design standard. The tanks that successfully pass the inspection and test are labelled as per UL specifications confirming their UL certification. These cylindrical, horizontally mounted, tanks are provided with necessary fittings and openings to facilitate quality service in the field. All tanks are provided with openings for filling, connecting to diesel engine fuel system, fuel return line connection and drain. Lifting lug, provided on the top center of the tank, facilitates easy transportation and installation. These tanks are also provided with an opening for connecting to a direct reading fuel level gauge that is supplied as part of standard fire pump package.
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  • Meets NFPA 30 requirements.
  • Sized as specified by NFPA 20 for fire pump applications.
  • Designed and Fabricated in accordance with UL 142 (Steel Aboveground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids) standard.
  • Tested for tightness against leakage.
  • Top quality fittings and fabrication materials.
  • Sturdy lifting lug and legs.
  • Vent opening to prevent build-up of pressure or vacuum inside the tank during filling, emptying or due to atmospheric temperature changes.
  • Approved welding process.

TYPE: Cylindrical, Horizontal


Fuel Tank Size

50 - 750 US Gallons

1000 - 2000 US Gallons * *


* Above ground tanks for capacities up to 9000 US Gallons and above

are also available. Kindly send us an inquiry and we shall gladly assist.


* * With Pad Plate & ladder


Fuel Tank - General Catalogue


Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual


Revit File


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