Gard 3

Maximum safety. Next-generation electronics automatically interrupt the power supply as soon as the service door is opened. Accessible and well protected electronics. The die-cast aluminium housing provides a secure, yet accessible casing for the electronics. Luminous bar. Superior visibility of the arm and durability of the light fixtures. Round tubular bar. Maximum reduction of the “sail effect,” ensuring correct operation in areas subject to high winds. Differentiated sensitivity spring. For exceptional balancing of the bar.

Global entry control. The Gard series automatic barrier system can be connected to many of the access control systems that allow identification, memorization, entry and exit only to authorized personnel. The equipment can also be integrated with a global access control system.

Gard 3: road barrier for fast entrances

Fast entrance management in public car parks, hospitals, highways.

  • Opening of the entrance gate in 0.9 seconds
  • Access control up to 2.75 meters wide
  • Reinforced steel construction with corrosion prevention treatment and electrostatic powder coating offers durability and maintenance over time of aesthetic features
  • Management of passive inertia typical of fast movements, even with intensive use
  • Modern design that can be easily integrated into different architectural contexts
  • Elliptic or round bar limits the sail effect
  • Pre-ready for accessory mounting directly onto the barrier
  • High visibility LED flashing light built into the barrier dome
  • Reinforced cabinet with anti-rust treatment and painted steel or AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Dedicated control panel with encoder technology
  • Differentiated spring balancing system for opening and closing
  • Opening and closing motion speed with independent control
  • Intensive service guaranteed by the 24 V DC gearmotor
  • Optional battery for operation in case of power failure
Dedicated control panel

Total control and optimization of the service.

  • Display to show the programming functions
  • Movement control and obstacle detection
  • Auto-diagnosis of safety devices connected to the system
  • Possibility of connection to a UPS or back-up unit to ensure operation in case of power failure
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