Glazed Automatic Sliding Door

This sliding door system is used in busy buildings that require easy access. Tested and certified for EW (Integrity & Radiation) classification and up to 90 minutes of fire resistance, according to European Standard EN 1634-1. Door leaf and doorframe profiles with the slimmest face width of that are currently fire-resistant profiles on the market.

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  • Multiple design possibilities.
  • Slimmest steel profiles.
  • For exterior and interior use.
  • Automatic operated with safety sensors.
  • Thermal break system.
  • With the “break-in” and “break-out “function
  • With and without an integrated emergency exit function.
  • Fire protection







    Material options

    Zinc magnesium (ZM) coated steel



    Stainless Steel grade 304 and 316

    (brush finish grain 220-240)



    Available profile depth: 50 and 60mm



    Fire resistant options

    Fixed partitions

    E30 to E120

    EW30 to EW120

    EN 1364-1

    Single and double doors

    E30 to E180

    EW30 to EW120

    EN 1634-1

    Single and double automatic sliding doors

    EW30 to EW120

    EN 1634-1

    Single-action, rebated, unlatched swing doors
    (single and double leaf)

    EW30 to EW120

    EN 1634-1

    Double action, non-rebated, unlatched swing doors

    (single and double leaf)

    EW30 to EW60

    EN 1634-1

    Fire code compliance

    European and North American Standards



    NFPA 101 and NFPA 80



    Tested design variants*

    Smoke resistant doors

    Sa, S200

    EN 1634-3

    Fire-resistant doors and screens







    Door Closer



    Door closers complete with in-house cycling testing



    Latch locks, lever handles, Self-closing flush bolts



    Roller latches (for unlatched doors)



    Compatible with access control devices



    System Properties

    Extremely slender visible section widths and depth



    Can be powder-coated or wet paint coated
    (to be checked with the local applicator)



    Large glass panels available for fire-rated systems



    Large door sizes available for fire-rated systems



    Extremely economical manufacturing without special equipment



    A robust system, resistant to damage



    Sound insulation (hinged doors, depth 50 mm)

    Up to 42 dB

    EN ISO 140-3

    Sound insulation (fixed screens, depth 50 mm)

    Up to 46 dB

    EN ISO 140-3

    Sound insulation (hinged doors, depth 60 mm)

    Up to 45 dB

    EN ISO 140-3

    Sound insulation (fixed screens, depth 60 mm)

    Up to 48 dB

    EN ISO 140-3

    *Refer to country-specific approvals






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