The NF-HEFG, High Expansion Foam Generators are powered by a water turbine. These are designed to expand the foam solution with Expansion ratios up to 1000:1, depending upon the solution flow rate and the water pressure. However, the optimum expansion ratio is in the range of 500:1 up to 700:1. The High Expansion Foam Generator requires no other source of power such as electricity or gasoline engines. They are powered by the foam solution driving a hydraulic (water) motor or turbine. 

The expansion of foam solution is achieved by spraying the solution onto a nylon net/stainless steel screen, then an air stream created by the fan attached to the motor blows air through the screen to produce a mass of foam bubbles.

The continuous flow of the foam solution plus the movement of air through the screen will produce large volumes of finished foam. Portable systems are having its own proportioning system whereas the fixed systems are to be used with the fixed proportioning system. A pressure gauge is provided at the foam solution inlet. The design of the NF-HEFG-500L is such that a single nozzle with a large diameter orifice sprays foam solution across the aeration screen. The incorporation of this nozzle prevents clogging, thereby ensuring an uninterrupted foam discharge, almost irrespective of the water quality.

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• Highly reliable design, does not require
a strainer at the foam solution inlet
• Very high output of foam
• Portable & Fixed
• Easy installation with units capable of being
mounted in the horizontal or vertical position
• No outside source of power requiredonly the pressurized foam solution
• By pass arrangement for specific models
• In-built foam induction for portable
• Units will operate with foam solution
pressures as low as 2.1 kg/cm² (30 psi).
• Smoke extraction



Model Nf'.HEFG-100P" NF-HEFG FRP-300P NF-HEFG-55 300P &
Body/Shell SS304 FRP 5S304
Nozzle GM GM GM
Foam Screen KF KF 5S304
Coupling GM/AIAlloy/55 GM/Al.Alloy/SS GM/AIAlloy/SS
Flangeu Optional Optional Optional
Piping 5S 304 SS 304 55 304
Inductor GM GM GM
Fan Al. Alloy Al. Alloy Al.Alloy
Turbine Assembly Gun Metal Gun Metal Gun Metal

i) These models have the smoke extraction facility with smoke duct of 7.5 meter, MOC-synthetic leather.
ii) Foam duct of length 10 meter made of polythene (disposable)
**Flange is provided on request


Model Type Inlet Pressure,
Water flow,
Foam Production
Foam Expansion Ratio
Standard Performance Data (with 3% Concentrate}  
NF-HEFG- OOP Portable 3.5 135 34 250
5.0 165 83 500
7.0 200 120 600
NF-HEFG-FRP-300P Portabl   ewith  
System Induction
By-Pass System CLOSED 4.0 180 n 425
5.5 210 121 575
7.0 235 165 700
"Kl.O 280 224 800
By-Pass System OPEN   Total By pass    
4.0 200 50 68 450
5.5 220 55 112 675
7.0 255 65 162 850
"Kl.O 290 80 210 1000
NF-HEFG-SSl-300P Portabl   ewith    
System Induction
By-Pass System CLOSED 4.0 195 78 400
5.5 225 124 550
7.0 250 168 670
"Kl.O 290 226 780
By-Pass System OPEN   Total By pass    
4.0 215 53 85 430
5.5 235 58 118 670
7.0 268 69 159 800
"Kl.O 305 85 211 960
NF-HEFG-SS-300F Portable without
System Induction
5.0 260 169 650
6.0 290 206 710
7.0 320 256 800

NF-HEFG-FRP-300P & NF-HEFG-SSI-300P with system induction comes with by-pass facility, normally used for smoke extraction purpose and control over foam production
with varying pressure


Generator Model Description Color We ght (kg)
NF-HEFG- OOP Portable with system induction Red 35
NF-HEFG-FRP-300P Portable with system induction RedfYellow 65
NF-HEFG-SSl-300P Portable with system induction Red 95
NF-HEFG-SS-300F Portable Without induction Red 90

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