Industrial Awareness

Fire Awareness Evacuation Planning & Incident Management (2 hours)

This course provides assistance & guidance for schools, malls, industries, or organizations interested in exercising and evacuation exercise in their facilities.


Candidates attending our course receive Course Guidance Notes which include information on the latest publications NFPA 10 and IFPA. The course is designed to prepare the candidate for the examination and it covers all aspects of the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 10). The course concludes with a written and practical examination which is recognized by NFPA as satisfying the training requirements of Scheme NFPA 10(98). Sec. 4-3.3.1. Successful candidates receive a certificate of competence which is suitable for submission to third-party certification schemes.

• Fire Safety Legislation

• Health & Safety at Work

• Portable Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer

• Extinguishing Media

• Portable Fire Extinguishers

• Theory of Fire

• Tools Used in Fire Extinguisher Inspection

• Tags and Labels

• Role of Fire Protection Industry

• Maintenance & Testing

• Hands-on Training for Fire Extinguisher

Training on Inspection & Protection of Hood & Duct systems 3 Days (24 Hours)

This course is compliant with NFPA 96. Individuals attending courses with NAFFCO receive Course Guidance Notes which gives the latest information from NFPA. The course includes written and practical examinations which is recognized by NFPA as satisfying training requirements. Passing students receive a certification of competence which is submittable to third-party certification. • Pre-Cleaning Operations Inspection

• Energy Source Protection

• Protection of Workspace Areas

• By-Product Control Process Preparation

• Process Personnel Protection

• Cleaning Processes & Controls

• Exhaust Duct Access & Labeling

• Exhaust Cleaning Process Reporting

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