Insulated Aerial Platforms

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  • Achieves a redundant measure of security via the Dual Retention System on all cylinders and boom pins.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to the use of non-lube bearings at all pivots.
  • Boom play/maintenance time kept to a minimum with the fiberglass boom’s infinitely adjustable slide pads.
  • Lubrication is simplified by having single grease fitting on the rotation bearing.
  • Rust and corrosion protection is at its utmost because all components are painted prior to assembly.
  • Operators can quickly and positively verify bolt torque by visually inspecting the torque seal markings.
  • Machined rotation bearing mounted surfaces.
  • Inside surfaces of each boom are pre-painted prior to assembly.
  • Filament wound fiberglass booms.
  • No mandatory rebuild periods required, aiding in reduced down times/lower overall maintenance costs.
  • Multiple chassis options as per the lifting platform requirement.
  • Easy access to maintenance and repairs.

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