NAFFCO Electric Motor Controllers for Jockey Pump are listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL file number E309408) in accordance with UL508a (Standard for Industrial Control Panel), NFPA70 (National Electric Code) and relevant NEMA standard.

Power ratings vary from 1.5 to 40 horsepower, 380 to 415 volts, 50 or 60Hz. Only high quality UL listed or UL recognized components are used in these panels to guarantee the best possible reliability. Also high quality UL listed enclosures are used.

The controller is completely wired, assembled and tested at the factory before shipment, and ready for immediate installation.

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• Main disconnect switch with rotary handle, sized for disconnecting motor horsepower and voltage.
• Motor Starter (DOL) or Over Load Relay (Star-Delta) rated to motor’s horsepower, with thermal and short circuit protection.
• Rated motor connectors.
• Circuit breaker for protection of control circuit and motor.
• Star—Delta starting timer. ( in Model NFY-JSD1 & NFYJSD1-T1 )
• Power ON/Healthy indicator/free contact.
• Pump Run indicator/free contact.
• Pump Trip indicator/free contact.
• Adjustable pressure switch.
• Run Period Timer


NFY-JDO1 Direct On-Line & NFY-JSD1 Star-Delta.

Selector switch for Hand-Off-Automatic Operation.

NFY-JDO1-T1 Direct On-Line & NFY-JSD1-T1 Star-Delta

• Touch control panel to operate, monitor, and set up the controller.
• Automatic and manual selection on the touch panel screen.
• Real-time voltage and pressure reading on screen.
• Real-time pump running status, alarm details, and time delay on screen.
• Password protection.
• Screen saver mode.
• Up to 4 auxiliary inputs and 3 output ports.
• Up to 5 predefined options to select on input auxiliary.
• Up to 24 predefined options to select on output auxiliary.


Power Rating

1.5 - 7.5 HP DOL Starter & 10 - 40 HP Star Delta Starter


230/380/415/480 V


50 / 60 Hz

* Dual Jockey Pump Controller (Models JD02 - Direct On Line - 1.5 - 7.5 hp & JSD2 - Star - Delta - 10 - 40 hp) are also available.

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