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When high voltage working Insulators are contaminated  from the environment deposits such as sand, dirt, dust, salt, industrial smoke, cement, etc., it causes leakage of electric current with risk of flashover and thus consequent loss of supply. The best and only solution is to wash these insulators.


  • With the CPSE (Constant Pressure and Separate Engine) system the normal tap water at high pressure is atomized and cleans the surface. The equipment fully complies with new edition of IEEE-957 / 2005 and provides compliance to IEC 61472 with minimum approach distances.
  • State-of-art safety Technology implemented to prevent Flashover.
Model  IW 265
Rotation  700°
Working Height  67.0m (at nozzle outlet)
Rated Washing Point  65.0m @ 20.00m
Horizontal Outreach  25.0m (at nozzle output @ 45.0m height)
Maximum Gradient  15% as per IEC
Maximum Slide Slope  10% as per IEC
Stability Coefficient  >10% as per IEC
Water Tank Capacity  7,000 – 10,000 liters
Water Flow  240 liters/min
Water Pressure  70 bar (Recommended for operation)
Mounted on  GVW 48t – 8×8 Heavy Duty

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