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As an industry leader in fire protection services, NAFFCO offers a full range of diversified products and systems like fire detection systems, fire alarm, power plant and oil refinery fire protection, gas detection and fire suppression systems tailored to meet customers’ special needs.

NAFFCO is an all-encompassing firm that provides design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of its various systems all under one roof for unmatched customer satisfaction and convenience. We examine the status-quo of the oil and gas refinery industry and invest in acquiring the latest technology and procedures to empower our clients and their assets to overcome future challenges.

NAFFCO has executed many prestigious projects worldwide such as industrial manufacturing plants, power generation stations and Oil and Gas facilities for both the Private and the Government sectors. We supply fire protection systems for customers involved in oil and gas safety supply. NAFFCO also provides training on oil and gas safety topics.

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NAFFCO is dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent services and top quality products. Our attributes that set us apart from our competitors as an industry leader are highlighted by: Strong ‘Value Engineering’ with 'Code of Governance'NAFFCO focuses on value engineering that complies with 'Code of Governance' based on international standards.

Strong ‘Value Engineering’ with 'Code of Governance'

NAFFCO focuses on value engineering that complies with 'Code of Governance' based on international standards.  

‘Engineering Administration’ for regional channel partners

Our 'engineering administration' is responsible for nurturing existing channel partners and the development of new ones to drive growth to our firm.

A well-established network of regional sales offices and channel partners across all markets

NAFFCO has developed and maintained networks of regional sales offices and channel partners to cater customers' needs across all markets as a competitive advantage.

All Products under one ‘Brand’

NAFFCO "Umbrella Branding" makes our different products easily identifiable for customers by grouping them under one brand name.

Strong ‘Technical Expertise’ forte

Our team takes an innovative approach combined with top-notch expertise to produce first-class results each and every time.

Reliable support all along project cycle

We support customers with knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of their project.

Complete Systems Packages

Complete Systems Packages are offered by NAFFCO all along with a service package starting from engineering assistance to field start-up and periodic maintenance.

Complete Project Management Process (PMP)

A full project management solution is provided from initial contact through design, engineering, Installing to final testing and commissioning.

Total Turn-Key Solutions / Services

NAFFCO provides a full complement of services and turnkey solutions where our qualified team oversees all phases of the project from planning and deploying to executing.

FM/UL and other certifications

Our products have been consistently certified by UL, FM, and many recognized and respected certifications across the globe to assure customer a product/service has been objectively tested and conforms to the highest national and international standards.

Environmental Services

NAFFCO products and services are designed to be environmental friendly, with continuous development to improve the current standards to reach greater sustainability levels of a facility, secure it against potential costly and life threatening hazards, consolidate the use of valued resources critical to operations, and much more.

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