Multisensor Detector

SHIELD Multisensor contains a photo-electric smoke sensor and a thermistor (temperature sensor) whose outputs are combined to give the final analog value.

  • Sensitive to a wide range of fires
  • Well suited for environments such as hotel bedrooms, warehouses & loading docks
  • Unaffected by wind or atmospheric pressure
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Detector Type Photoelectric smoke sensor and Thermistor
Working Voltage 17 - 28 V DC
Modulation Voltage 5 - 9 V (peak to peak)
Maximum Alarm Current LED on 3.5 mA
Surge Current 0 mA
Supervisory Current 500 μA
Test Method Home safeguard, Gemini 501
Storage Temperature Range -30°C to +80°C
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +60°C
Dimensions (diameter x height) 100 mm x 50 mm
Weight 105 g

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