Pre-Piped Bladder Tank

The NAFFCO Pre-piped Horizontal / Vertical Bladder tanks are an integral component of balanced pressure proportioning system. Its operation requires no external power other than a pressurized water system.

NAFFCO bladder tank, with an appropriate proportioner, injects foam concentrate into the water supply of a fire protection system and automatically proportions at wide range of flows and pressures.

NAFFCO Pre-piped Foam Horizontal / Vertical bladder tank is a steel pressure vessel fitted with an Internal Elastomeric bladder that stores foam concentrate. During operation, the concentrate is discharged by incoming water pressure to the bladder tank until the concentrate is depleted.

The bladder tank discharges foam concentrate at approximately the same pressure as the water supplied at the water inlet connection to the tank.

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  • UL / FM Pre-Piped Bladder tank capacity 36 gallon to 6000 gallon.
  • Bladder material Vinyl Based Polymer or Buna-N or Neoprene.
  • Designed for Maximum agent discharge.
  • Pre-fabricated foam bladder proportioning system eliminates loose components and simplifies the installation.
  • Tanks are oversized to allow thermal expansion of foam concentrate if any.

Concentrate Storage Capacity

36-3200 Gallon – Vertical

50-6000 Gallon – Horizontal

Ratio Controller

(Type, Size & Flow Range)

Refer to the Ratio Controller


Foam Concentrate

Refer to the Ratio Controller

Detail table below

Design Pressure

175 psi (12.09 bar)

Storage Temperature

+1.7°C - +49°C

Foam Concentrate Proportioning Orifice

1%, 2%, 3%, 6%

Tank Shell

Carbon Steel, SA 516 Gr.70.


Vinyl based polymer or Buna-N or Neoprene

Water Pipe

Carbon Steel. sch. 40.

Foam Pipes

Stainless Steel 316L

Vent/Drain/NRV Valves


Sight Glass Valve

Sight Gauge with Shut Off & Drain Valve

Painting External

Zinc Rich Primer with Red Enamel Finish

Painting Internal

Zinc Rich Primer with Coal Tar Epoxy Paint


Product Manual


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