PU Lined Hose (UL/ FM Approved)

Hose interior is all synthetic, light weight, and is UL approved.

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  • The hose is of single jacket construction.
  • The jacket is made with high tenacity filament polyester yarn in both the warp and weft directions, to provide maximum strength to weight ratio.
  • The hose is resistant to chemicals and petrol products, rot & mildew, hydrolysis, and resist deterioration due to exposure UV-rays and ozone.


  • The hose, in all sizes, has minimum service, test, and burst pressures as specified in the technical chart.
  • The hose has a maximum flow with minimum friction loss.
  • The hose has no defects, dirt, knots, lumps or other irregularities affecting the performance of the hose.
  • The hose is resistant to kinking and remain flexible to -65°F(-53°C).
  • Twisting and warping exceeds NFPA standards.


  • Available colors: Red, White.
  • Standard lengths: 30 meters, Other lengths available upon request.
  • Applicable standards: UL219.


Cabinet/Fire Hose Reel/ Fire Hose Rack.

Hose Model Diameter
Service Pressure Proof Pressure Burst Pressure Standard Compliance/ Approvals
psi        kPa psi        kPa psi        kPa
in.        mm
NF-FH38PU 1.5** 38** 250 175 500 3450 750 5175
NF-FH65PU 2.5** 64** 250 1725 500 3450 750 5175
NF-FH38DJPU 1.5 38 400 2758 800 5,516 1200 8274 UL19, NFPA 1961/
NF-FH45DJPU 1.75 45 400 2758 800 5,516 1200 8274
NF-FH75DJPU 3 75 400 2758 800 5,516 1200 8274 UL Listed

Couplings; NH threaded (1 ½" or 2 ½") in Brass or Aluminum Anodized. Storz & instantaneous coupling or other type available upon request.


UL Certificate


Technical Drawing


FM Approval Certificate


Technical Data Sheet


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