Pump House Fire Pump Units

NAFFCO Pump House Fire Pump Units are designed as per customers’ specification and NFPA 20 requirements. Complete fire pump set assembly is fixed inside a pump house enclosure with all fire pump related standard accessories, valves and fittings and pump testing instruments. In addition to these fire pump set components, the pump house also includes lighting and necessary fire protection equipment for the pump house such as a standalone heat detector and fire extinguishers. All internal wiring and piping is done at factory and external connectors are provided on the outer surface of the enclosure that enables easy piping and power connection at field.

All the major fire pump components such as Fire Pumps, Drivers, Controllers, Valves, Pressure Gauges and Flow Meter are UL and / or FM certified as required by the NFPA 20 standard.Only high quality components and fittings are used with pump house to ensure reliable performance and long life. Only suction and discharge piping, diesel engine exhaust line and power input connections need to be made at field. The complete package is thoroughly tested and inspected prior to dispatch as per UL, FM and NFPA standards.

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The standard components included in these housed fire pump systems are as follows:

  • Electric Pump
  • Electric Motor
  • Diesel Engine
  • Diesel Pump
  • Jockey Pump
  • Gate Valve - Suction
  • Fire Pump Concentric Increaser
  • Jockey Pump Concentric Increaser
  • Non Return Valves (Fire Pumps)
  • Gate Valve - Discharge
  • Test Header
  • Gate Valve - Test Header
  • Test Line
  • Internal Exhaust Pipe Line
  • Suction Pipe Line
  • Discharge Pipe Line
  • Complete Internal Wiring
  • Flow Meter
  • Electric Fire Pump Controller
  • Diesel Fire Pump Controller
  • Jockey Pump Controller
  • Pressure Sensing Line
  • Drain Pipe Lines
  • Ball Valve
  • Pressure Gauge on Discharge Header
  • Diesel Tank
  • Battery
  • Non Return Valve (Jockey)
  • Gate Valve - Discharge
  • Suction Pressure Gauge
  • Discharge Pressure Gauge
  • Discharge Header
  • Stand Alone Heat Detector
  • External Power Connection Terminal
  • External Piping Connections
  • Interior Weather Proof Lights
  • CO2 - 5 Kg
  • DCP - 6 Kg
  • ADCP - 6 Kg
  • Mild Steel Structure and Skid
  • Fabricated Steel Base Frames
  • Sandwich Panel Wall & Roof
  • ARV, CRV, & PRV (as required)
  • Ventilation Fans
  • Fuel Tank Air Vent Pipe Line
  • Emergency Light
  • Fire Alarm Conventional Control Panel
  • Convenience Outlets
  • Electrical Auxiliary Systems D.B.
  • Conventional Sounder Strobe
  • Split A/C Unit (optional)

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