Ring Axial Fans

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Fresh air supply axial fan.

  • Fresh air supply fan
  • Pressurization
  • Industrial ventilation & explosion proof application

Multiple european laboratories, bsi kitemark & applus.





0.18-30 KW

30,000 LPS

RING line is characterized by the extreme sturdiness due to the strengthen construction of the casing manufactured with thickness higher than the standard PLATE fans. The wide round shaped cones directly drawn on the casing guarantee maximum silent and efficiencies normally obtained only in axial fan with bell mouth. This construction together with our fully reversible symmetrical profile impellers allows getting the 100% reversibility of the airflow. Normally the axial fans allow the reversibility of the airflow by switching two lines of phase of the electric supply and assembling 50% of the blades for intake and the other 50% for exhaust; in both cases with very low efficiencies. The use of the RING line with the fully reversible symmetrical profile impeller, consents to obtain the same performances in both the airflow directions with high efficiencies.


RING standard

  • Conveyed air: clean, not abrasive.
  • Temperature of conveyd air: -20°C / +50°C.
  • Voltage: three-phase version (T) 400V-3Ph - 50Hz
  • Single-phase version (M) 230V-1Ph-50Hz
  • Air flow from motor to impeller, position A (FMG).


  • RING dr: casing with two round shaped nozzles.
  • RING sr: casing with round shaped nozzle only on inlet.


  • Protection grid, impeller side (PG-P/RIsr - FPG/RIdr).
  • Gravity shutter (SG and GS). (Necessary for use in free air)
  • Outer terminal box (OTB).
  • Service switch (SW).
  • Square panel (SQ).
  • Fixing feet (FF-RI).


  • Version without motor side grid.
  • Performances differing from standard
  • Version with die-cast aluminum blades.
  • Version with true reversible air flow direction (RING-rev)
  • Version with casing in stainless steel, aluminum or hot dip galvanized steel.
  • Version with casing with one round shaped inlet and one flat, Impeller side (RING drp-g) or motor side (Ring drp-m).
  • Explosion-proof version (RING-Atex).
  • Version with air flow from impeller to motor, position B (FGM).

Version with B5 motor mounting type, fixed to the casing through a grid.




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