Ring Axial Roof Fans

Application of smoke extraction in case of fire, 300/400°c for 120 minutes.

  • It is used for ductless system.
  • Smoke extraction
  • Pressurization
  • Industrial ventilation application
  • Multiple european laboratories, BSI KITEMARK & APPLUS.
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Size Range (MM)

Motor (Kw)

Capacity (LPS)


0.25-45 kW

32,000 LPS


This line is characterized by the wide round shaped nozzles in both inlet and outlet, warranty of reduced noise level, and high efficiency. Besides these fans allow effective operation either in exhaust or supply duty. Electric motor is easily accessible for wiring and maintenance operations, manufactured according to international standards assuring reliability and the long-term economic recovery of the unit by simply repairing or replacing the motor itself.


  • Ring casing with double wide round shaped nozzle, and base resistant to the atmospheric agents.
  • Upper cover in techno-polymer resistant to atmospheric agents.
  • Protection grid on outlet side in steel rod, manufactured according to UNI EN ISO 12499.
  • Impeller with high efficiency airfoil blades in plastic material and hub in die cast aluminum alloy. Variable pitch angle in a still position.

Balancing according to UNI ISO 21940-11

  • Asynchronous electric motor, protection IP55, Class F insulated, service S1, construction according to IEC/EEC (UNEL-MEC) standard.
  • Arrangements 5 or 4 (impeller directly coupled to motor shaft).

ROOF-AM standard

  • Conveyed air: clean, not abrasive.
  • Temperature of conveyed air: -20°C / +50°C.
  • Voltage: three phase version (T) 400V-3Ph.

 Single phase version (M) 230V-1Ph.

  • Frequency: 50Hz.
  • Working as exhaust fan.


  • Inlet gravity shutter, only for exhaust fans (GS-RO).
  • Outer terminal box (OTB).
  • Support base for the corrugate roof covering (SB).
  • Counter base (CB).
  • Inlet grid (FPG) is mandatory for use in free air.
  • Service switch (SW).


  • Versions without motor side grid.
  • Intake versions.
  • Versions with air flow 100% reversible (ROOF-REV).
  • Versions with three phase double polarity electric motor.
  • Versions with casing and base in stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Explosion proof versions (Roof-AM Atex)
  • Versions with metal sheet cover.
  • Versions without cap.



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