Saloon40: a step forward

Motorised extremely compact swing turnstile, with innovative and functional design!

Completely renovated in technology and design from the previous version, Saloon40 is designed to control access to places characterised by significant passage flows such as shopping malls, airports, train stations and hospitals.

Esthetic evolution
  • The control board and power supply contained in just 120 mm in diameter
  • Crown light for signalling leaf movement and its operating status
  • Radar integrated into the structure, for a quick opening
  • Modularity: according to needs the crown light and radar are interchangeable
Access and safe movement
  • Opening through button, photocell and radar or transponder card and magnetic card reading
  • Encoder technology
  • Beep indicating attempt of forced opening
  • Reversible. In the event of a blackout, the automation allows manual opening for both entry and exit
  • Internal mechanical stops, adjustable
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