Shield 24/7

SHIELD 24/7 uses the GSM network to communicate with the CRMS.

In emergency situations, if the GSM network fails, SHIELD 24/7 intelligently switches to Thuraya satellite communications. This minimises the chances of delivery failure and dramatically increases the reliability of SHIELD 24/7.

SHIELD 24/7 can rely on the Thuraya network if wthe building monitored is located outside the GSM coverage area.

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  • 24/7 continuous monitoring of Fire Fighting equipment and direct connectionto the Central Remote Monitoring Station.
  • A reliable communication system using GSM mobile networks and satellite medium as backup if required.
  • Emergency backup battery operates for 5 hours in case of power failure.
  • Additional optional system monitoring (Elevators, Gas Detection, Carbon Dioxide Exhaust Fans, etc.)
  • Fully automated system that does not require any human intervention.
Fire Alarm Control PanelFault & Alarm Signals
Fire PumpsTrip & Run Signals
Sprinklers SystemLine Pressure Signal
Fire Water TankWater Low Level Signal
Zonal SignalsMaintenance Supervision
lnspection ReportingDirect Report to Upload
Other SystemsCarbon Dioxide Exhaust Fans,
Elevators, Gas Detection, etc.

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