Single Input/Output

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The Input/Output Unit provides a voltage-free, double pole changeover (DPCO) relay output, a single monitored switch input and an unmonitored, non-polarised opto-coupled input.

  • It can report fault, switch open and switch closed levels
  • Three visible LED's
  • Loop-Powered
  • Capable of switching up to 30V at 1A
Operating voltage 17–28V DC
Maximum current consumption at
28V DC no protocol
switch-on surge, max 150ms 3.5mA
quiescent, 20kΩ EOL fitted 1.25mA
Switch input closed ‘switch closed' LED on 2.5mA
Switch input closed (LED disabled) 1.5mA
Any other condition (max 2 LEDs on) 3.5mA
Relay operated 2mA
Maximum continuous current 1A
Maximum switching current 3A
On resistance 0.2Ω
Operating temperature –20°C to +70°C
Humidity 0-95%
IP rating 54
Dimensions (L x B x H) 150 mm x 90 mm x 48 mm

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