Single Skin Rolling Shutters

Fire shutters are used to provide compartmentalization for wide/big openings within a building and as such, help prevent a fire from rapidly spreading to other parts of the building. In-addition to it, these shutters offer the required security and accessibility. This way, fire shutters allow people to evacuate safely and helps to make the work of the emergency services easier. Whilst conventional static barriers are permanently fixed in one place and are non-operational (e.g. fire-walls, glass partitions, etc.), a fire shutter can actually be operated (whenever required) and will close automatically in the event of a fire.

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  • Fabricated and Assembled in UAE.
  • Up to 240* Minutes Fire Integrity.
  • Tested to ANSI/UL 10B (or) BS 476 Part 22 Standard.
  • Sizes* up to 12 m (w) x 6.5 m (h) for 2 hours and 12 m (w) x 4.6 m (h) for 4 hours under specific standard.
  • Electrically Operated with Emergency Manual Override Chain.
  • Optional Wind Lock Feature.
  • Superior Galvanized Steel Slats.
  • Option of Single / Double Skin.
  • Incorporates Heavy Duty Guide Channels.
  • Fusible Link / Fire Alarm Signal / Heat (or) Smoke Detector Activation / Delay Timer.
  • Fire alarm signal conversion panel with battery backup.
  • 3-way Push Button Control.
  • Finished Factory Applied Powder Coating at factory to match desired RAL color scheme.
  • Option of larger sizes with special assessment.


Fire Resistance

120 minutes


Vertical coiling; motorized and manual operation available

Fire Activation

Gravity fail safe. Connection to fire alarm signal, thermal fusible link and smoke/heat detector

Tested to


Certified By

Underwriters Laboratories

Curtain Material

Single Skin Galvanized steel with end locks and optional wind locks

Side Guide

75mm deep/3mm thick guides as applicable

Head box

From 500mm (height) x 450mm (depth) - ceiling or wall fixed

Max Sizes

Single Skin 120 minutes: 12m (W) x 5.5m (H).

Since we perform continuous R&D, contact us to explore larger sizes for your specific application.


Natural G.I steel or powder coated to NAFFCO’s standard RAL colors. Non-standard RAL colors can be done upon request at an additional charge.




The shutter curtain is made of 75mm pitch superior single skin Galvanized steel slats, with 1.2mm thickness. These slats are manufactured by a roll forming process and constructed of reinforced interlocking slat profiles. The edges of the slats are auto cut-off to (end) lock the axial movement of the interlocked curtains, providing maximum strength and integrity. For external applications, the shutters can withstand a 40 km/h wind speed, with wind locks as optional reinforcement.


For exposed and face fixing applications, ‘G’ shaped guides made of heavy duty 75mm wide x 100mm deep x 3mm thick Galvanized steel is used. For concealed guide application, 75mm wide x 75mm deep x 1.5mm thick ‘U’ shaped Galvanized steel guides are used.


The leading slat is roll formed from Galvanized steel with a thickness equivalent to that of the slat. Two 50mm x 50mm x 3.7mm thick Galvanized steel angle bar are bolted to the leading slat to form the bottom bar.


  • Warehouse
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Garages
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports
  • Metros and Rail Terminals



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