Fire Rescue Stair

The NAFFCO Fire Rescue Stair has been developed for rapid emergency evacuation of aircraft passengers and access to the firefighting crew inside the aircraft.

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  • Main Control Panel
  • 230V Charging points (Mercedes Benz)
  • Sirens at front of driver cab


  • Sill heights from 2620mm — 8000mm
  • Platform 2.3m Internal Width & 900mm Extension
  • Swivel Nose Section
  • Hose reel with booster hose
  • Storage for 30m lay-flat hosing
  • Platform control panel
  • Positive displacement fan
  • Driver-assist forward camera
  • Storage for e.g. Hydraulic Cutting Tool & Hooligan Tool
  • Water outlets on platform x2 via diverter valve
  • C-Storz hose coupling with ball valve shut off
  • 230V mains power connection point
  • 6kg ABC fire extinguisher
  • Various LED non-glaring lights &emergency beacons
  • Water outlets on platform x2 via diverter valve


  • Staircase widths of lower stair 1500mm & bupper stair 700mm
  • Hydraulically telescoping stair section
  • Waterway to platform via telescopic pipe
  • Anti-Slide material, can be used barefoot


  • CAS — Controlled Approach System according to AHM913
  • Hose reel on platform (electric rewind)
  • Hose reel on chassis
  • Generator for Auxiliary Power
  • Camera systems (various)
  • Distance sensor systems (various)
  • Additional storage facilities to customer preference
  • Handheld torches
  • 400V mains power connection point
  • Emergency Eject Socket

To ensure safety of the aircraft passenger, firefighting crew, and the aircraft, NFRS is equipped with the following:

  • Sill heights from 2620 mm to 8000 mm
  • Platform 2.3m Internal Width & over 900mm extension
  • Waterway via telescopic pipe and hose line
  • Water outlets on platform x 2
  • Hydraulic telescoping stair
  • Firefighting equipment of choice (optional)
  • Alusingen steps and platform surface
  • 2.3m wide platform with 900mm hydraulic extension
  • Staircase widths: lower stair -1500mm / upper stair -1700mm
  • Distance sensor systems (optional)
  • CAS-controlled approach system according to AHM913 (optional)



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