Skylight Smoke Vent

NAFFCO double flap flat (dff) type Smoke vents are designed with single or double flaps with slight slope, which prevents water accumulation on the flaps. Anodized aluminium alloy frame with multi walls hollow polycarbonate sheet. It supplies superior air tightness, water tightness, wind load resistance, heat insulation and corrosion resistance.

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Technical Performances and Strengths:

  • Meet the standard GB15930-2007 Fire dampers for building venting and smoke-venting system
  • Anodized aluminum alloy profile supplies good waterproofing and corrosion resistance.
  • Wind load resistance: operational certainty of vents under wind stress equivalent to 1500Pa
  • Water tightness: GB/T7106-2008 Grade 5
  • Air tightness: GB/T7106-2008 Grade 5
  • K value: lower than 2.7 W/(m2.K)
  • Low-temperature resistance: -25.
  • High-temperature resistance: 300 30 mins.
  • Reliability: 20000 cycles times opening and closing for daily ventilation, 1000 cycles times opening and closing for smoke exhausting.
  • Snow load: operational certainty of vents under snow load 500Pa
  • FAS linkage and manual control.
  • Slight slope design to avoid water accumulation.
  • No nail & no glue, structural waterproffing.
  • Larger areas of natural skylight, ventilation & smoke exhaust.
  • Anodized aluminium alloy profile with corrision resistance.
  • Economical & reasonable.

Integral Base frame:

2mm galanized steel integral welding.
3mm aluminium alloy integral welding.

Integral Base insulation:

Integral base insulation to avoid condensed water.

Structural waterproof flap frame:

#6063 aluminium alloy profile with anodizing on the surface.
3mm galvanized steel external hinges.

Glazing Material:

16mm multi walls polycarbonate sheet with a coextruded UV-protective layer, which can prolong the service life of polycarbonate sheet.
Hollow tempered laminated glass.
Fiberglass sheet.

Control System (Electric/pneumatic):

FAS linkage control & manual control
Wind & rain sensor
Remote control
Temprature control release device (Electric / pneumatic)
Emergancy open device (Electric / pneumatic)




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