Smoke Control Station

The addressable unit supports 2 or 4 SLC loops for a total of 500 primary points or 800 points using sub points. SLC loop communications uses standard twisted pair cabling, shielded cable is not necessary.

The panel may be configured with various communication cards. Communications options support central station monitoring, virtual panel, and networking.

The panel can be configured as a standalone panel with just a few devices for a small building, it can also operate as the building system and can be part of a network with a total of 64 nodes serving a multiple building campus or a very large facility.

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Independent, standalone & dedicated system to be operated by fire fighter.

  • UL-864 listed & dcd approved- as per NFPA 92 codes.
  • Single wire loop for all the fans & MSDS.
  • Signalling/communicating all fans & MSDS through addressing feature.
  • UL 864.


  • Multi-Loop 2 Analog Addressable Loops Field upgradable to 4.
  • 126 primary points per loop.
  • Powerful, network wide cause and effects (500 total)
  • Fully user programmable by point or zone.
  • 800 points per panel when using devices with sub-points.
  • Up to 3048 m wiring length on SLC loop.
  • 64 Panels on a network.
  • Programmable through a PC connection to the panel, or through keypad.
  • Programmable relays – 5.
  • Supervised Powered Outputs – 3.
  • 4 Programmable notification appliance circuits.
  • Power per NAC: 1.6 A maximum.
  • Programmable outputs on SLC loop.
  • Programmable Function button on front display.
  • Fire Drill button on front display.
  • Day and night sensitivity settings (user programmable).
  • Power Supply: 5.25 A regulated & integrated.
  • LCD Display: 8x40.
  • Zonal Mode: Annunciation by zone w/o individual relationships.
  • Panel Ring Modes: Common, Zonal, and Stage 2.
  • NAC Outputs programmable.
  • Continuous, March, Temporal.
  • Program cause and elects AND, OR, or any two (Cross Zone)
  • One-man walk test – Fire Test Mode.
  • Available in Red.



    • Network uses standard RS485 cabling.
    • Up to 1.2 km between adjacent panels.
    • 115 Kbps constant network speed.
    • Secure, fault tolerant communication.
    • Up to 64 nodes.


    • Dual line digital communicator & modem.
    • Contact ID and SIA reporting.
    • Zone or point reporting.
    • Backup and duplicate reporting.


    Primary AC

    230 V AC @ 2 A, 50 or 60 hz

    Output DC

      24 V DC @ 4 A
    Power Supply

    5.25 A regulated and integrated

    Charger Current

    1.25 A max

    Weight (without battery)

    11.4 kg


    Red (optional gray)


    8 line x 40 characters LCD (320 characters total)


    500 Zones per network

    SLC loops

    2 or 4 (class A or B)

    Devices per loop

    126 sensors & modules(800 addresses + subaddresses max.per panel)

    NAC Outputs

    (4) 1.6 A @ 24 V DC (class B)

    Relay Outputs

    (5) Form C 1 A @ 30 V DC

    IP Rating


    Voltage Outputs

    (3) 500 mA @ 24 V DC, reverse polarity supervised

    Aux. Power

    500 mA @ 24V DC

    Current Consumption

    SA-P20R0/ SA-P20R3

    355 mA Standby 650 mA Alarm

    SA-P4LR0/ SA-P4LR3

    455 mA Standby 765 mA Alarm

    Available Models


    Two Loop Panel


    Four Loop Panel


    Two Loop Panel




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