Sounder Beacon

S-A491 Intelligent Sounder Strobe is a kind of audible and visual alarm device installed in field, which can be initiated by fire alarm control panel in fire control center or by manual call point installed in field. Having been initiated, it will generate strong audible and visual alarm signal to warn people in field.

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  • Providing two tones.
  • Using several high red LEDs as light source.
  • Initiated by shorting external terminals; not affected by loop power cut.
  • Signal loop and power loop are polarity-insensitive, which is convenient for wiring and features power-off checking.
  • Standard: EN 54-3.
Operating Voltage Loop: 24V
Power: 24VDC
Standby Current Loop≤1mA
Action Current Loop≤5mA
Wiring Four-wire, connecting with polarity-insensitive loop. Polarity-insensitive two-wire for connecting power.
Tone I Sound Level: 75dB~85dB (at 3m ahead horizontally (A weighted)
Flashing Frequency: 0.7 × (1±20%)Hz
Sound Pattern: 2.8KHz (430ms on /1200ms off)
Tone II Sound Level: 85dB~115dB (at 3m ahead horizontally (A weighted))
Flashing Frequency: 1.4×(1±20%)Hz
Sound Pattern: 2.8KHz (430ms on /340ms off)
Programming Mode Electronically addressed
Programming Range Occupying 1 or 2 (when device type is 121) address within 1~242.
Ingress Protection Rating IP33
Operating Temperature -10°C~+50°C
Relative Humidity ≤95%, non condensing
Material and Color of Enclosure ABS, red (PANTONE 1795C)
Dimension (L×W×H) ф110mm×97.5mm
ф110mm×83mm(shallow base)
Mounting Hole Spacing 55mm~80mm
Weight About 355g (deep base)
About 327g (shallow base)

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