50/100 Watt Dual Channel Amplifier with Optional Backup Amplifier


The TR-DUAL50W (black) is an intelligent 50 / 100 watt amplifier for use with the TR-2100ECSR / TR-2100ECSB. The TR-DUAL50W is used to amplify audio message for distribution throughout a facility.
The TR-DUAL50W is capable of producing up to 100 watts of audio power.
The TR-DUAL50W has its own power supply with battery backup and eight speaker circuits.
The TR-DUAL50W is fully supervised by the main panel for trouble conditions.


The TR-DUAL50W can be surface or flush mounted.


The TR-DUAL50W is compatible with the following voice evacuation components:
• TR-2100ECSR
• TR-2100ECSB

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• Amplifier is compatible as: 50W with 50W as backup
• 100 W single channel
• 100 W single channel with 50 W backup using TR-50WBU
• Dual channel using 50W for each channel (TR-2100ECSR / TR-2100ECSB only)
• Dual channel 50 W each channel with 50 W backup using TR-50WBU
• Amplifier Bandwidth 400Hz to 4000Hz
• Built in backup amplifier test feature allows you to physically test that the backup amplifiers are operating properly
• The TR-DUAL50W has it’s own power supply and backup battery
• Can be mounted up to 6000 feet away from Triga-Series control panel
• 240VAC operation
• Available in a black cabinet
• UL 864 and UL 2572
• UL listed for 520Hz signaling when used with compatible speakers
• Up to 16 amplifiers per TR-2100ECSR / TR-2100ECSB system for a maximum of 1600 watts
• Distributed between up to 128 audio circuits


Flush Mount Dimensions: 14.5”W x 24.75”H x 3.4”D (36.8 W x 62.9 H x 8.7 D cm)
Overall Dimensions: 16.1”W x 26.5”H x 4.1”D
(40.64 W x 66.7 H x 10.5 D cm)
Color: Black


Operating Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C) Humidity: 10% to 93% relative humidity


Primary AC: 240V @50/60Hz
TR-DUAL50W 25V: 200mA standby current
TR-DUAL50W 70V: 200mA standby current
TR-DUAL50W 25V: 1260mA alarm current
TR-DUAL50W 70V: 1310mA alarm current
Total Power: 100 W @ 25 VRMS or 70.7 VRMS


Eight circuits that can be programmed
individually as:
Notification Circuits: 3A per circuit @ 27.4VDC, power limited
Auxiliary Power Circuits: 3A per circuit @ 27.4VDC, power limited.
Initiation Circuit: 100mA per circuit @ 27.4VDC, power-limited
Circuit 1-4: 50W max.
Circuit 5-8: 50W max
Main Triga Panel SBUS Standby & Alarm: 10mA
Battery Charging Capacity: 7 – 35AH
Battery Size: 18AH max allowed in cabinet.
Use RBB accessory cabinet for larger batteries up to 35AH per system.

Voice Integration Wiring:
Six conductor
Two voice bus


TR-DUAL50W: High Voltage (240VAC) 50/100
Watt Dual Channel Amplifier.


TR-50WBU: External Backup Amp.
RBB: RBB Remote Battery Box Cabinet.
Use for backup batteries up to 35AH. 16″ W x 10″ H x 6″ D


NFPA 13, NFPA 70, NFPA 72, UL 2572, UL 1711 & UL 864: Local Protective Signaling Systems
UL Listed

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