Local Operator Console


The TR-LOC2100 (red) or TR-LOC2100B (black) are a combination supervised remote microphone and annunciator which is compatible with the ECS-Series Emergency Communication System. The TR-LOC2100/ TR-LOC2100B meets UL requirements for an LOC.


The TR-LOC2100/TR-LOC2100B includes a ECS-RVM Remote Voice Module and its associated RA-2000 keypad annunciator. The ECS-RVM provides an interface to the Emergency Communication System and the TR-RD2R annunciator is capable of performing complete operation of the fire alarm system, including silencing and resetting.


The TR-2100ECSR/B or IFP-2000ECS can support a maximum of 15 ECS-LOCs, TR-LOC2100, or TR-LOC2100B’s in any combination.


The TR-LOC2100 and TR-LOC2100B are compatible with the following
• TR-2100ECSR
• TR-2100ECSB
• IFP-2000ECS

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• On-board supervised microphone
• Available in a red or black cabinet
• Programmable trigger inputs from an external source, such as a Monaco system, to either the ECS-RVM or TR-5880. Up to eight inputs available on the TR-5880 module
• After the main panel unit, up to 15 TR-LOC2100’s can be added to provide a total of 15 command units.
• The TR-LOC2100 or TR-LOC2100B meets the requirements for a LOC
• Up to 128 mappable speaker circuits using a combination of ECS-50W, ECS-125W or ECS-DUAL50W’s mappable to 64 buttons controlling selected output groups
• All Call and Non-Active Call buttons to quickly select all active or all the non-active output groups
• Six-wire connection to ECS system; Two-wires for the voice bus, and four-wires for the SBUS connections


Overall Dimensions
20.362”W x 27”H x 5.054”D (51.7W x 68.6H x 12.8D cm)
Color: Red or Black


Operating Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
Humidity: 0 to 93% relative humidity (non condensing)


Standby Current: 105mA
Alarm Current: 175mA
Voice Integration Wiring:
Six conductor
Two voice bus


TR-LOC2100: Local Operator Console
TR-LOC2100B: Local Operator Console. Black


ECS-RVM: Remote voice module
TD-RD2R: Keypad annunciator
TR-5880: LED/IO module
TR-CE4: 4 speaker circuit expander
TR-SW24: 24 switch expander


NFPA 13, NFPA 15, NFPA 16, NFPA 70, &
NFPA 72: Central Station; Remote Signalling; Local Protective Signalling Systems; Auxiliary Protected Premises Unit; Water Deluge Releasing Service.


• UL Listed

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